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Founded in the early 1990s, KAMEL FILM was born from the experience of the author, screenwriter and director ROBERTO QUAGLIANO.

Baudrillard – L’ illusione della fine

The company has distinguished itself since the ’90s for the creation and production of original television formats (often the first of their kind anywhere) and for innovative products made with the “VideoLiterature™” technique, a patent registered at the Washington Writers Guild. With this technique it recently made the first series of fiction for RAI based on “Novelle for a Year” by Luigi Pirandello. Its formats have been produced by RAI2, RAI3, RAI5, Italia 1, Rete 4, TV2000, SKY.

Roberto Quagliano together with Milena Gabanelli produces and realizes for RAI special news from China, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Pacific, South Africa, Somalia, Azerbaijan, Israel, Japan, Mozambique and various other countries.

Kamel Film devised and introduced the technique of ‘VideoJournalism’ in Italy in 1992 and created the “Professione Reporter” format for RAI2 (which later became “Report” on RAI 3) based precisely on the figure of the VideoJournalist. Roberto Quagliano has involved Milena Gabanelli in the project since 1993.

Kamel Film has created and produced all types of original TV programs and formats for RAI, Mediaset and Sky.

Kamel Film has created the first entertainment program in the world of high schools with the name “LA SCUOLA IN DIRETTA” and the entertainment program inside a hospital called “OSPEDALE IN DIRETTA”, the first of its kind in Europe, which has achieved the highest share of ever of Italia1’s ‘after prime time’ productions.

At the beginning of the 2000s, from a RQ’s original idea is produced for Rete4 an innovative soap opera set in the Caribbean islands entitled “IN CROCIERA” where fiction and factual are combined.

Kamelfilm is one of the first Italian companies to design and produce music videos.

He has made music videos for Vasco Rossi, Lucio Dalla, Angela Baraldi, Antonella Ruggero, Bracco of Graci, Guernica, Le Orme and numerous other artists.

Kamelfilm has made eight feature films for theaters. The film “Pole Position” won the Salerno Film Festival. ‘L’alba di Luca’ (2002) was selected for the International Punjab Festival in India, was sold in five countries by RAI.COM (RAI COMMERCIO) and broadcast by RAI 1. ‘I Fratelli d’Italia’ (2006) was selected in competition at five French festivals including Annecy Italian FF and Montpellier Cinemed FF. “GET OUT: Rega” (2008) has been selected for the “Biografilm Festival”. “Pericles of Shakespeare on the Road” (2016) is distributed in the United States by “Bayview Entertainment”. “Return to Your Real Home” (2019) was broadcast by the American television network EWTN in 144 countries.



Author, director and screenwriter. In the 1990s he made music video clips as a writer and director for Vasco Rossi, Lucio Dalla, Angela Baraldi and others.

For the “MIXER” structure of RAI 2 he realizes reportages in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Russia, Somalia, South Africa, Polynesia. From the 1990s to the present day, he has conceived, produced and directed 13 original TV formats for RAI2, RAI3, RAI5, Italia1, Rete4, SKY, TV2000. Between 2002 and 2019 he writes and directs eight feature films.

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Director and productor. Degree in Economics and Business from the University of Bologna. Director’s degree from New York University (NYU). Designs and realizes the talent format on the surf world ‘Jeep on Board’ broadcast in many European countries.

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